Usage sauna

There are no strict rules for the use of saunas, only recommendations.
Take your clothes off (this is not the rule, if someone wants to use a towel or) enter the sauna, sit on a bench and relax. The air in the cabin has very little moisture (average between 10-15% depending on the temperature of the cabin).

If you want to increase the moisture then pour saunsko stones with water.
Due to high temperatures stained water evaporates very quickly. Users in a short time feel very hot to breathe the air which can be quite annoying if the stones are too hot or poured too much water.
In this case, will help if you get down to the lower bench in the sauna.
The main objective of using the sauna enjoyment, relaxation and sweating.
After you are finished with the cycle (which usually lasts between 10-15 minutes) Take a shower with cold water, starting from the peripheral parts of the body, or "dip" in the pool.
Relax for 15 - and repeat the cycle twice as much to you to be comfortable. After using the sauna with some refreshing fruit juice or water.
What is the temperature in the sauna?
The temperature varies depending on user preference. Usually the temperature is between 70 and 90 C. The most commonly mentioned ideal temperature for most users is somewhere around 85C. Also, the seating position in the cabin and determines the temperature - you sit on a higher bench in the sauna temperature will be higher (temperature difference between upper and lower bench is about 15 C).

How long should I stay in the sauna?
As long as you comfortably.
Typical saunas say that the cycle is between 10-15 minutes.
Then exit from the cabin to cool off and get back to the sauna and repeat the cycle. If at anytime you feel uncomfortable leave the sauna and cool off!

Should I pour saunsko stones?
Yes. Moderate watering stones regulate humidity inside the cabin.
Try an experiment how much water is needed to give you the political climate is pleasant in the sauna. Pour water only saunskom šeflom, which is important for two reasons: in this way keep your hands away from steam and you can dose the correct amount of water that will pass when the pair fell to the rocks.
CAUTION: Use only water from a fountain near Saone, NOT water from the pool or hot tube because it contains chlorine and is highly corrosive and harmful to health when evaporation!

What to do after my sauna?
Take a shower or bath to cleanse your skin. A cool rinse will close the pores of the skin and will refresh you. Drink refreshments (water, mineral water or fruit juices) to compensate for fluid loss through sweating.